New feature release – convert website visitors to calendar bookings

New feature release – convert website visitors to calendar bookings

by Lauren
November 24, 2021

Every contact request you receive from your website still needs to be contacted and scheduled to a calendar, and it slows down the sales process. We built a Calendar Booking feature to tackle this issue.

From now on you can convert contact requests into calendar bookings with the help of Leadoo’s new Calendar Booking feature. You can try out how easy it is to use by scrolling to the end of this article.

3 reasons why Calendar Booking is so awesome

  • Save time and forget the back-and-forth mess of scheduling a meeting
    Synchronise your calendar and you are down with easier and quicker scheduling. You will get meetings straight to the calendar and save time on the scheduling. Meetings just keep appearing on your calendar!
  • Make your sales process more efficient
    Booking a meeting straight to the calendar will make your sales process more efficient. And it’s also super convenient for the prospect too: they can book a time that fits their schedule and they know when they will get your undivided attention.
  • More and better quality sales meetings
    With Calendar Booking you let prospects schedule meetings when it’s most convenient for them. People who get to decide the date and time themselves are also more committed to that meeting and more likely to buy compared to people who just leave their contact details.


You can chat to us about it below more here ⤵️

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