Conversion Rate & CRO Fundamentals for Marketers


Conversion Rate & CRO Fundamentals for Marketers

This guide helps you realise new potential within your existing web traffic. Including practical tips and inspiration for getting better results from your website.


Analyzing the analytics

The SaaS analytics tools for sales and marketing are becoming more orientated towards lead generation and attribution, offering much more than just the basic gathering of data. This comparison whitepaper will provide an overview of some of the more popular tools available for sales and marketing analytics today, and try to help the reader to understand the potential advantages they can provide in order to help make the most suitable choice for any given company.

For some, the terminology used in these comparisons can be confusing. The companies herein compared are sometimes referred to as being in the field of ‘lead generation’, and sometimes as in the field of ‘analytics’. The features and benefits highlighted in the whitepaper show how the compared companies offer advantages in both these areas to a greater or lesser degree. For this reason, we have designated this whitepaper a comparison of ‘lead identification’ companies. Lead Forensics, Leadfeeder and Leadoo all provide various features for the capture, processing and management of website visitors, making this a more appropriate classification.

To offer a fair and an insightful comparison, this report examines some of the industries strongest challengers, represented by the companies of Lead Forensics and Leadfeeder.

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